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We manufacturer a spectrum of high end reaction vessels that caters to the requirement of various industries. Reaction vessels is available with and without jacket or with limpet coil to enhance the efficiency. It has shaft sealing by way of stuffing box or it is sealed with mechanical seal. The Reaction vessels are provided with suitable impeller that is used for mixing solid-liquid and liquid-liquid. The capacity of this equipment range between 0.5 KL to 30 KL, which can be custom-made as per the client’s specification.

Reaction Vessels is a pressure vessel containing the coolant and reactor core. Reaction vessels is a device for containing and controlling a chemical reaction. The chemical process enables the conversion of raw material into a final product under given pressure and temperature. During the reaction vessels it becomes necessary to remove excess heat in the process to order to keep the process under control. Reaction vessels are built to withstand high pressure in the system.